Tippi Hedren and family living with a pride of lions.

excuse me u have a lion in ur house

excuse me there is a lion chewing on your childs head that’s not a good thing

where can i buy these dogs

it’s been a year and people still be messaging me saying these aren’t dogs



I’ve been out of work for almost 3 weeks, without pay. I am in excruciating pain about 90% of the time, and I just found out today that my insurance will not cover any of my medical expenses or missed pay from my absence at work because I was injured at work and I have to get approved by my company to file for worker’s comp. I was evaluated by a doctor today and she told me I had a pre-existing condition and that it probably won’t go through as worker’s comp (meaning I am 100% responsible for any medical expenses). I absolutely hate asking for help and I always feel like I am a burden on folks. If you feel led to give, I would be eternally grateful. If you cannot or don’t want to (and that’s 110% okay, too!), would you share this? I’d also be eternally grateful for that as well. Thanks for reading. Please pray for me.